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Starting over two decades ago, ever since 1992., we have strived to find the most optimal logistic solution for our clients. Truck International is one of the most well-known and most respected freight service companies in the industry.

We have begun our journey with a goal to deliver logistics and transfer excellence to our clients, thus securing their comfort and success.

Here, in Truck International we offer a variety of services which include the services of road traffic, supply chain consulting, managing the warehouses, controlling the supplies, delivering the packages etc.
We also offer the innovative and dynamic transport solutions with the right people, by using modern techniques and advanced solutions. Unrivaled technologies for your business.

Today, our company has strongly established itself as the market leader in the industry of logistics and supply chains in Europe and Asia. Inspired by our work and standards we established, we have proven ourselves by the best quality, prudence, the clients satisfaction and deadlines certainty.

We are being supported by our qualified, well trained, devoted and professional workforce, which offers solutions for handling all the pressure and satisfies all the needs of logistics of each consumer included in the supply chain. We own 47 trucks, 20 tow trucks, 22 tandem trucks and 5 freezer trucks. All of our vehicles have been licensed for the international transport of goods and loads, they own all the necessary permits and annexes .
All the project cargo which is temporally restricted, all the urgent shipment, fragile products, pharmaceutical products, electronic goods, car parts, hardware, perishable shipments and much more are some of the things we operate with on a daily basis with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Truck International offers superb transport solutions to its clients, helping them focus on their key scope and business operations. Our company adds value to the enterprises on all levels, the right to offer first class assistance in stocking in order to secure the delivery of goods in certain temporal conditions all around the country.

Int. road traffic

The International Transport Division in International Truck is one of the strongest links in the customer service chain. With our own fleet of the latest generation and a large number of trusted subcontractors, we are ready to meet all the requirements of the client.


Truck International has the ability to transport all types of cargo, under a controlled temperature regime from the moment of takeover of the goods to the moment of delivery, in all temperature ranges:

  • Deep frozen shipment at -80ºC (on dry ice)
  • Frozen shipments at -20ºC
  • Refrigerated shipments at +2 to + 10ºC
  • Controlled ambient shipments at +11 to + 25ºC
  • Shipments on body temperature

Special Transport

One of the services we offer to our clients is the organization of special transports and transport of unloading cargo. Special transport means quick and efficient placement of our vehicles at the disposal of all kinds of freight cargo, machinery, construction, equipment, silo and other equipment that requires special means of transport.


Tracking the transport of goods from the starting point to the delivery point is possible with the GPS system, so that at any moment it is possible to know where the vehicle is located and at what speed the transport takes place. In addition to the GPS monitoring of transport, the driver’s ongoing availability through the mobile phone is also enabled so that the client can contact him as needed.

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Jaser Hasanović
General Manager

Phone: +381 69 708 708

Serbian, German, Czech, Russian

Alen Hasanović
Logistic manager

Phone: +381 60 070 8240

Serbian, German, English, Bulgarian, Macedonian 

Džemil Salković
Logistic manager

Phone: +381 69 668 668

Serbian, English

Edin Özturk
Logistic manager

Phone: +381 69 444 7084

Serbian, Turkish


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