Our rolling stock

All vehicles are covered by CMR insurance policy in the amount of 300,000 eur.

We’re moving things forward! Our fleet has 47 trucks, 20 tow trucks, 22 tandem trucks and 5 freezer trucks. As the rolling stock is the cornerstone of our activity, we strive for constant improvement and expansion of the fleet of vehicles. Since we are specialized in long-distance transport across EU countries, the technical safety of our vehicles is our priority.  Features of semi-trailer: All semi-trailers are of maximum capacity between 24 and 25t. The dimensions of the standard load compartment are 13,60 x 2,45 x 2,80 m (the height varies from 2.80 to 3.00 m). The volume of the load compartment varies from manufacturers and models of semi-trailers, and ranges from 90 to 100 cubic meters depending on the height of the load compartment. All semi-trailers have the possibility of rolling the roof, the side of the tarpaulin and removing the pillars, so the loading is possible from the rear, on both sides and from the top (crane). Some semi-trailers have the possibility of loading loads in coils, so-called mulda semi-trailers. Semi-trailers with pages are suitable for the transport of bulk goods. Most of the semi-trailers are Schmitz brands and they have a popular VARIOS technology of variable height of the load compartment. This means that it is possible to reconstruct the standard semitrailer into the MEGA semitrailer.